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Glaciers, with My Kappa Roots and Edward & The McCalls at The Bowery

October 25, 2009

This was superb. End of.


I thoroughly enjoyed each performance, though I don’t have much to say about Edward & The McCalls as this was my first real impression of them and I’d like to maybe take some time to get to grips with them a little more – though they did play some rather snazzy toe-tappers.

The thing I was particularly looking forward to was seeing My Kappa Roots perform. It would be really silly for me to try and describe how much I love this guy’s music. Everything about it is just perfect. There’s nothing like a good stroll with the iPod in playing The House of St Colme Burnt Down. I hadn’t seen Pablo play before so I was really fucking excited. He did not disappoint one bit. Each song was played with absolute perfection and at times I couldn’t help but let my jaw slip. I wasn’t aware if I was drooling or anything, but there’s a chance I was. Urgh. So. Fucking. Good.

The thing I noticed about Pablo was how good a guitarist he is. I’m really quite jealous actually. His songs are played so delicately and intricately with such a good balance between simple strums of emphasis and complicatedly plucked melodies. Beautiful.

Another thing is Pablo’s voice. If there is a sadder sound in the world I implore you to find it. I really, really love sad voices. I don’t know why. Perhaps my depressive tendencies make me a little more partial to them. Perhaps it’s because sadness is beautiful. Beauty is a sad thing. Was it not Oscar Wilde who said “all art is quite useless”? What a bloody distressing thought. Apologies. But it is very true. All things of beauty are useless – love, or indeed any emotion at all, music, literature. It’s all completely and utterly fucking useless. But we love it anyway.

I think I went a bit off the point there (though I hate people with “points”, I want to break their fucking point off and shove it…(yeah, there I go again)). Right, what was I saying? Oh yes. It was bloody good.

Here’s one of his songs to enjoy. I love this song.

My Kappa Roots – A Night Full of Reverse Birds

IMGP0053I’d actually only heard Glaciers maybe a week before this gig so it was still really fresh in my mind. I was really eager to see Nicolas play because I couldn’t – and still can’t – understand how someone can be so talented. Not only is he a damn good song writer  and amazing illustrator, he’s a bloody good performer. I’m about sick of falling in love with a band’s recorded work and then being disappointed by them live. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just so unfortunate I keep catching them on an off day or something. But anyway, Glaciers was brilliant, to say the least.

Nicolas came across as a really lovely, patient chap with a… a, well I don’t want to sound clichéd, but a nice glow. He glowed with enthusiasm and real character, and it was a pleasure to watch. He also had his friend Will with him who played the organ and belted out some really beautiful singing. They made quite a lovely pair.

They started off with some really nice and quiet ukulele songs, which happen to be Nicolas’ interpretation of some found rugby songs. Quite brilliant. Then they moved on to his own songs which, I think, were played with a wee bit more confidence and presence.

IMGP0061The Bowery really is my favourite venue. It’s the perfect place to see these sorts of performances. It’s quiet, small, personal, upfront, modest and just plain wonderful. I love it. It’s the sort of place these sorts of bands can come out of their shell and feel comfortable enough to really get into their show without feeling too overpowering and obnoxious. It feels like you’re just in a room with your friends having a great time, whether it’s relaxing or partying, laughing or crying. I’m so glad it’s there.

As for the gig itself, I’m not sure I have much more to say about it. Hmm. All I can think is that I wish it went on for a bit longer.

Oh yes. Check out Nicolas’ art stuffs. He’s a genius.

Glaciers – Brooklyn


How do you do?

October 10, 2009


I’ve decided it’s time for action. I’ve been dithering and blundering about for too long and I need to get the finger out. I’ve decided recently I want to learn cello, though doing so involves buying one which will be a right bother. I’ll most likely have to get one second hand somewhere, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s the waiting. I want to play so badly it’s starting to make me itch with excitement. The cello is such a bloody beautiful instrument, it really is. It’s going to take my music to a completely new and, hopefully, more self-promising level. I feel really strange about this. I’ve not felt this excited or eager in a long time – it’s nice and refreshing.

Oh yes. I should probably talk a bit about this here new blogith of mine. Well… as is inevitable I got a bit tired of my previous one. It started out with good intentions and, I guess, expectations held a little too high. I supposed it wasn’t that bad. I think it helped me develop a style of writing I felt comfortable with, which is: fuck it! what the heck. This blog, I hope, will seem a tad more critiqued and well, better. I’m not going to restrict myself on content with this. I’ll not only do album and gig reviews (etc.), but I’ll be writing about the goings on in my life – just generally what is on my mind at the time. Though, of course, I’ll try to keep it interesting.

I think that’s enough rambling for one evening. Here’s a nice mp3…

Ólafur Arnalds – 3055


October 9, 2009

I’m in love with this blog’s name. Thank you, Steph!